Well, this changes things...

So we had our ultrasound this week on Wednesday. We got there early because I was supposed to have a checkup before it, but there was a mixup and my checkup was Thursday. So we were early but they got us back right away. The ultrasound tech was really nice and was chatting with us about our kids and how many siblings we have. Then she says, "So this will be 5 then." I looked at Nate confused and she says, "Did you know that? You are having 2."
We were so shocked, asking her if she was sure over and over. I was grinning so big as she showed us that there were indeed 2 babies in there! Holy cow, it was such a surprise! I mean, I knew I'd been growing faster this time, but since we'd always just heard one heartbeat and the movements I felt were always in the same spot I'd just assumed that there was only one in there and I was bigger from it being baby #4.
So then we got down to checking out the babies. Of course she had to do all the measurements and things before she would look at the genders. Finally she finished Baby A and went for the money shot. Right away we could all see that it was 100% BOY! Hubby then guessed that the other was a boy while I held out hope for 1 of each. After another long scan of Baby B's measurements we got to see that HE was not shy either! Yep, 2 BOYS!!! Both babies look perfect. Measured just a bit bigger than my dates so they moved my due date to January 26. Of course I'm still going with February 4 since I know when they were conceived. And since it's likely I'll go early anyway I'm not worried about the dates, I just expect they will be born some time in January. The twins are in separate sacks, but share a placenta. From everything I've read about it we won't know if they are identical or fraternal until after they are born. Some identical twins have separate sacks and some fraternal twins share a placenta. The only way we'd have known for certain right now is if they shared a sack (identical) or if they were opposite genders (obviously fraternal lol).
My little boys
After the ultrasound we immediately started calling family and friends and letting them know. We got a lot of "Oh my gosh!" and "Are you serious?!" and lots of congratulations.
The next day I was supposed to have a regular midwife checkup. I got there and was told that unfortunately I could not see them anymore because I was now high-risk. So sad! So I was transferred to the OBs and have to go to a different clinic. The clinic only does high-risk appointments on Friday mornings, which makes things a bit harder because I frequently have extra kids Fridays and that means Hubby has to get time off or permission to work from home some days. Anyway, they did listen to the babies and measure my uterus before sending me on my way.
This morning I had my first appointment at the new clinic. I did all the normal weight (127) , blood pressure (97/63), urine stuff. I had a lot of glucose in my urine, again, so they did a finger stick to check my blood and it was ok. But they want me to come back next week to take the GTT early, because they like checking with twins early plus the fact I always have so much in my urine. I met with a nice Dr. We discussed how having twins can affect the delivery. He knows I want to have a VBA2C and explained some risks that might make that harder now with twins. I definitely understand. There are more complications that can arise during pregnancy and delivery. And if Baby A isn't head down at delivery we will go straight to a c-section. But as long as Baby A is head down and there are no other complications that make it too risky, then I should be able to try a regular delivery.
I'm really not too sad about the idea that I have a pretty high chance of needing a c-section this time. Twins makes a big difference and there are more factors to think about this time. Yes, I want a vaginal delivery but not at the expense of my babies and my health. We will take it a day at a time and see how things go with the pregnancy.
I will have more frequent appointments than normal, plus a monthly ultrasound to make sure both babies are growing ok.
There are also things I'll need to buy with these babies that I hadn't planned, like another carseat, a double stroller, a better nursing pillow (my boppy doesn't have the support needed to nurse 2 at a time), and more clothes. Plus the diapers! Unless Nathan magically potty trains before the twins are born I will have 3 in diapers! I want to start stocking up now, buying a pack of diapers for the babies every time we buy one for Nathan.
I'm so tired from my mind racing ever since we found out. I still find myself suddenly thinking, "Wow, I'm having twins!" and grinning. There is so much to think about and plan for, but mostly we are very excited and feel blessed to be getting 2 little boys.

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