Pregnancy Updates

So, I've had 2 appointments so far. It's a bit odd not knowing which midwife I will see for an appointment since it is such a large group, but the two I've met (and one student) were very nice. At my first appointment they did all the normal first visit stuff like background, bloodwork, pap, etc. I was bummed they did not do an ultrasound, because I've always had an ultrasound at my first appointment with the other 3. But we did hear little one's heartbeat on the doppler. The midwive said my uterus felt larger than my dates would put me, 12 weeks instead of 10, but since I was sure of my dates they shrugged it off. I'm guessing that scar tissue may have something to do with it, plus this is my 4th so my uterus is a bit stretched out lol. We discussed my history and although I will have to meet with a maternal-fetal specialist at some point (I probably will next month) to discuss VBA2C, they told me it is really my choice, which was nice to hear.

At my second appointment it was just a quick checkup. Heard the baby again. I did find out that I am GBS+ already. Never had it before, but evidently it showed in my first urine sample, and if it's in your urine that means it's already heavily colonized so they don't bother retesting at the end of pregnancy and I'll have to be on antibiotics during labor. It shouldn't be a problem other than that, and because I tend to have long labors I will have plenty of time to get the antibiotics. I just hope I can have the IV out between doses so I can move around easier.

In more exciting news we also set up the anatomy ultrasound! It will be September 1st. I'm so excited to get to see the baby. I will be just under 18 weeks at that point. I can't wait to see if we are getting another boy or finally a girl!

My belly has grown faster this time and I'm hoping there is just one baby in there lol. I was a little more sick than I was with the last 2, but luckily that has subsided since entering the 2nd trimester and I'm feeling pretty good, just exhausted. I started feeling that baby 2 weeks ago, during my last checkup when we were looking for the heartbeat it moved against the doppler. It's still very faint and I only feel it 1-2x a day if I'm holding very still and paying attention. Can't wait to feel it more.

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