Positive update!

Well, we have found out some exciting news to finally add to this depressing blog! Baby #4 is due next February! Although I am still extremely nervous about how the birth may go this time, we are excited to be adding another little one to our family. I am grateful that there is a hospital near that will support VBA2C and that they have a large group of midwives who deliver there. I have my first appointment with one of the midwives on July 9th, and hope to discuss my options in depth with her. Although I know I can do an unmedicated birth, I'm not sure if I want to. I think I may just take a wait and see approach, see how things are going and if I feel the need to get an epidural than I won't feel bad about it. It would be nice to have a labor that's a bit quicker than my other 3 too, lol. And who knows, maybe we'll get a girl this time?


Kris {The Freestyle Mom} said...

Congratulations! Always exciting.

I think the wait and see approach with pain medication is great. I know so many women who "caved" they feel and got the epidural, and now realize it was the only way they could have made it! As much as I plan on going natural for as long as I can, I won't discount other options.

I have to ask what hospital and what midwifes you will be seeing? I've done some preliminary work looking for VBA2C support and haven't found all that much.

Anyway, congrats again!

Kristen (I'm the same one that commented last June.)

Kara said...

Thanks Kristen :) I'll be going to University Hospital. From what I've heard on the Utah ICAN yahoo group and from my previous midwife, they are probably the best option for VBA2C around here. The midwife group there is called Birthcare Healthcare. My first appointment is with Lisa Kalozci.