Getting Close!

Wow, I guess I just plain forgot to update with what's going on with this pregnancy! I blame it on double preggo brain lol. Really, I've just been very busy with school, the holidays, and life in general. So quick recap of how things are going:

* I switched from the clinic I was going to at 26 weeks because I felt I wasn't getting the best care there. I now see a maternal-fetal medicine OB who specializes in multiples at the hospital I'll be delivering at. The care has been so much better and I feel she really takes the time to listen and answer questions.

* I've had ultrasounds every month to check the babies' growth. They are big boys! At my last ultrasound, at 33.5 weeks they were already estimated at 5lb 14oz and 6lb 5oz. That means that they could both be around 7-7.5lbs if I have them at 36 weeks, or even 8-8.5lbs if I have them at 38 weeks. Not really a surprise because I have a history of big babies, but with 2 that is a lot of baby weight to be hauling around. They have big heads and short legs, also pretty normal for my kids lol. It's been fun to see them so much.

* I have been having weekly appointments now. Every week I have an NST and quick AFI ultrasound to make sure the babies are doing well and they always are fine. After my next regular checkup I should be seeing my OB every week as well instead of every 2 weeks.

* At my last checkup at 33.5 weeks my uterus measured 45 weeks! I'm getting so huge! They also checked me and I was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. I'm interested to see if there is any change at my next appointment. The plan is still to have a vaginal birth since both babies are head down and doing well. My OB doesn't want me going past 38 weeks because the risks of twins past that point plus the stress on my c-section scars, and I'm totally fine with that, so if I get to that point and haven't gone into labor she's willing to do a low-dose pitocin induction. The only issue is they have my edd 9 days earlier than I know it should be, but I discussed it with her and she's been supportive of taking a wait-and-see approach. Hopefully they come on their own in the next 1-3 weeks and it won't be a problem.

* I am so exhausted and sore and huge. Although I do want them to stay in until at least 36 weeks for their health, I am so ready to be done being pregnant! This is definitely much harder on my body than a singleton pregnancy, even though it's actually gone pretty well as twin pregnancies go. No complications, no bedrest or preterm labor, no restrictions. So I am glad it's been going well, it's just hard. On the other hand, I'm not sure I'm ready to have 2 babies to take care of lol. I've been busy this week getting all of our baby stuff ready. We are mostly prepared. I still need to borrow a dresser from a neighbor who offered one so I can put the clothes away and get a twin nursing pillow and just a few other little things, but overall we are ready. We've got a nice stockpile of diapers because we buy a box every few weeks plus I had 2 baby showers and was given quite a bit.

This will probably be my last update until after they are born. Wish me luck!

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