TIME Magazine Article- The Trouble With Repeat Cesareans

Recently TIME magazine published an article called The Trouble With Repeat Cesareans. I was so happy to see an article that gave some good information on actual statistics and the way women are being forced to undergo surgery they don't really want because they feel there is no other option. VBAC is an option. It can be done and, although it has slightly more risk than a vaginal birth with no c-section history, it is not horribly irresponsible as many doctors and others make it out to be.

Reading that article is actually what pushed me get started on this blog. I know reading about other people experiences has helped me, and so I figured that writing down my own might provide some healing. The article also gave me some hope for my future births, but I know I need to handle my current fears and emotional scars before I can really be ready to think about having another baby.

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