Slowly getting to the point

As I've been writing out these stories and my feelings I have been slowing down. The faster I get through my previous experiences and recall the emotions of them, the faster I have to get to discussing my latest experience. There are so many things I'm not sure I've dealt with. I think writing it all out will help, but I'm also afraid of dredging up such fresh memories and trying to decide how I really feel about them. There were so many good things but so many difficult things that happened, so my recounting of my last birth may get a bit disjointed.

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Association for Wise Childbearing said...

this is Sally from Association for Wise Childbearing. I do a lot of the blog writing for Jennetta, but it is really her genius behind the group. I was wondering if I could highlight this emotional recovery blog over at AWC? This is such an important subject, and you have so graciously described your journey and where it's taking you. There are undoubtedly others who might want to join you, or just read your words. May I? Thanks, sally