Preparing for #6!

I found out on December 10th, the day before my birthday, that we are expecting baby #6! We waited a few weeks to tell everyone because I had 2 chemical pregnancies previously and wanted to be sure this one was sticking before announcing. I'm currently 7.5 weeks and feeling mostly good so far. I got bloated right away this time, which never really happened with any of the others. Luckily I haven't had bad morning sickness, so far (though baby is not liking the smell of the homemade chicken noodle soup I have cooking right now!). I don't have my first appointment for another month, and I'm impatiently waiting. I'm going to the midwife that my sister has seen for her last two pregnancies. The hospital is closer than the one I went to last time, which will be nice, and they said they will support VBA2C. It doesn't quite feel real yet because I haven't had an ultrasound and haven't been too sick, so I'm hoping they do an ultrasound at my first appointment, if for nothing more than to check for twins again lol.

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